I was enjoying my second day of college… and then BOOM! 
Stupid IBS started to kick in really bad -__-
Hate is so much! Has to miss my first lecture because of it ¬___¬


It’s 2:19 and I have nothing better to do than to be on tumblr! :D
But I just thought I would make a quick post for people who are doing exams or is leading up to exams and have stomach problems.
I mean i’m no doctor but I have had problems with my stomach for over 2 years now and got diagnosed with IBS. And whenever it came to exams or tests I would get so nervous about my stomach rumbling or something else happening during the exam and just thinking about it would make me feel 10x worse, now I never found anything that would help me settle my stomach even after I did my practise exams a few months ago.. it wasn’t nice -__- 
I ended up walking out of exams, stopped going out with friends and stuff because it got that bad and like, the doctors gave me so many pills to take but nothing worked UNTILLLLL about 3 weeks ago it was the start of my last year 11 exams and was seriously trying to find something to help me through my exam without eating a bomb load of stuff before hand or even have to reduse the amount of times I had to get up. Soo.. If you have had any stomach problems and are worried about up coming exams and stuff, If you take 1 tablespoon of olive oil about 30-60 minutes before your exam it seriously relaxes your stomach, no need to feel scared or anything now before hand, If you take it, it works so well! 
Two and a half bloody years I was trying to look for something to help me and all I needed was a table spoon of olive oil :3
Try it out, it worked amazingly for me. My routine of a morning was:

a bowl of cereal,
a glass of straberry, chocolate or plain milk,
maybe a piece of toast 
and a table spoon of olive oil :D

I really hoped this help with people struggling, and I tried literally almost everything!
Good luck with everything and stay reeelaxed! Have a good day guys <3