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I was sitting in my room and I heard the door open that leads to the first floor, and then heard a bang, So i was like oh my sisters home, so I waited for her to go into her room but didn’t hear anything? I didn’t think much about it because I thought it must of been something else.
And then my dad comes up and hes like are you ok?!
And I was like what, i’m fine? and he said, I thought I heard you fall down the stairs 0_0 And I responded saying that I haden’t been out my room, I thought it was my sister? … He said she wasn’t even home yet…
I’m all ‘alone’ on the top floor :(

November, 30. Happy birthday Dougie!

The day is your but it’s me who will thanks. Thank you for be the best idol I could wish. Thank you for make me happy all these years. Thank you for make me more stronger. Thank you for be my inspiration. Thank you for exist! You’re completing 26 years today and I know I’ll be next to you when you complete 80. That’s how much I know that you and I are FOREVER. I love you my little weirdo baby! ♥  

Another year over and we’re still together. It’s not always easy but i’m here forever.❞

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